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I have a professional service business, just like a lawyer, a doctor, a barber or a restaurant owner. My business involves animals. Be it pet and home sitting, behavioral consulting, animal training, grooming, waste removal, or emergency pet transportation. This is my job, my career, my BUSINESS. I love what I do, this is how I earn my living, not a hobby or weekend gig. I am running a professional business. I file a tax return for my business. I have to buy computers and business software, supplies like paper, ink, toner, business insurance, gloves, disinfectants, business cards, pet treats. I pay for pet CPR and first aid training, web services, accounting, vehicle maintenance, legal forms and filings, and my own health insurance. I may be a sole proprietor or have independent contractors or employees. I may pay salaries or compensations, workers insurance and bonding. My contracts and policies are not negotiable. I work hard and my fees are fair. I am running a business and cannot remain in business if I operate at a loss. I take pride in my work. I run a professional service business that is in the pet industry. I treat my clients with respect and expect to be treated the same way. I am a professional pet service provider.

Carrie Seay

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