Pet Exercise via Pet Treadwheels

Julie Rosa of Grandpaws Pet Sitting and Home Care submits this blog entry on a great device that she has available for her clients.

I purchased the largest size treadwheel so I can use it for years for any size dog. There are small, medium, and large sizes that range from $500-$1000+. It arrived assembled and in a crate. The crate was the most difficult thing to take apart. There are treadwheels made specifically for cats and those for dogs. There are some that are only for indoor use and others for outdoor use. You just have to be careful not to leave outside if the area you reside experiences extreme weather conditions. When Misty, my lemon, and white Beagle used it the 1st time, I had to spin it slowly with her in it so she understood what it did. It is manually powered by the dog using it. I held a treat up high enough so she would walk fast to make it spin herself with hopes of getting the treat. It is best to use small treats so several can be given during a short session. Because of the weight of the large size treadwheel is over 200 lbs, I had to keep it in the garage, which is not air conditioned. I subsequently purchased a swamp cooler so the Arizona summer heat does not limit use. So the location of the treadwheel inside your home should be well thought out. Puppies, I have found, love this the most as they have so much energy to burn. It can be a life saver during rainy days or days of extreme heat when outdoor walks are not possible. I really love the treadwheel because it provides year around exercise for my furry kid that she otherwise may not get, due to adverse or unsafe weather conditions many times of the year. I feel it was money well spent.

GoPet manufactures exercise wheels for dogs of all sizes.



Carrie Seay

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