Purrfect Paws Pet Sitting

Purrfect Paws Pet Sitting


Purrfect Paws Pet Sitting & Home Care offers pet care services, concierge, and home cleaning services in AZ.

If your pet could talk, what would he/she say? Mommy don’t make me wait to go out to go to the bathroom when there is help available.

Potty breaks are a must for dogs when their pet parents work 8+ hrs a day. There is help available…hiring a professional pet sitter/dog walker is NOT like hiring a teenager or hobby sitter. We are insured, bonded, back ground searched. We follow up with text messages, handwritten notes, or e-mails depending on what our clients request. We take the time to learn and understand your pet’s behaviors. We look at all possible situations, so we know how to handle anything that comes up. And more importantly we know how YOU want us to handle each situation.

Special Offers

We offer: pet sitting in YOUR home (visits, live in & overnight care), boarding in OUR AZ home, doggy day care in OUR AZ home, dog walking (Regular hours in PA and In AZ 24x7), grooming in AZ only at YOUR home, pet taxi transport (call our after hours number at 8 pm-7am call 480 217-9550) , pooper scooper service, we run HUMAN errands, and Home cleaning


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