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Hello my name is Liz Griffiths I am an Arizona Native. I am Pet CPR and First Aid certified. I am a proud owner of red tail boa constrictor named Leviathan. I lost my pretty girl Maggie about a year ago. So my current living situation and healing has prevented me from getting another puppy at this point in time. Aside from that I have always had animals incorporated into my life in some way or another.

Personally I have worked with every type of animal you can think of. I have lived with goats, horses, a household of six dogs or more at a time, cats and chickens. I have worked at Phoenix Herpetological society and I have managed a holistic Dog food and cat food store.

Animal nutrition is a major passion for me. Proper diet is as essential to animals as it is for humans too. Working at the store I worked alongside some incredible holistic vets and received more insight and education on adequate nutrition and health for dogs and cats.

I love each and every animal from the bottom of my heart. You can rest assured that whether I am walking/ exercising your animals or providing sufficient in home care they will be in safe hands always. Hope to be of service to you and your pet family !!!  

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