How to Find Your Lost Pet

You may be surprised that the number one method to get your dog home if it is lost is an i.d. tag on it’s collar or harness.

This is the best way to get your dog home quickly!

The first thing someone will do when they find a lost dog is to check for a collar with I. D. tag.

  • Always keep identification on your dog!
  • Use I.d. tags, an engraved / stamped collar nameplate or a collar with your information woven into the collar.
  • This is the FASTEST way to get your lost dog HOME!
  • Check tags several times per year to make sure all the info is clearly visible.
  • Replace worn or scratched tags.  Be sure all your information is current!

The next best way to get your lost dog home is permanent identification, like a microchip or tattoo.

If your dog slips it’s collar or loses the I.d. tag, It can still be identified through the microchip or tattoo company

If you find a dog, always check the inside of both ears, the inside of both thighs and the belly for a tattoo.  To check for a microchip, take the dog to any veterinary office.  Ask at the front desk if they can scan the dog for a chip.  There is usually no charge for this.

Do your part…..Microchips or tattoos MUST BE REGISTERED to be effective!

  • Getting your dog microchipped or tattooed without registering with the company is worthless!
  • Keep your information current with the registry to get your dog home quickly.
  • Nobody wants to lose their dog.  Make sure you can get your dog home quickly!

When you find a dog…

If the dog has a microchip, the veterinary office that scans it will give you the 800 number and the microchip number of the lost dog.

One free phone call later, lost dog and owner are reunited.


If the dog has a tattoo call

1-800-828-8667 TATOO-A-PET or

1-800-637-3647 The National Dog Registry


By Tawny with The Animal Pro

Carrie Seay

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