Where You Keep The Litter Box Really Does Matter

Location, location location!  It’s not just important in real estate but also in where the litter box is placed in your home.  Cats can be very finicky about their litter box. After all it is your cat’s bathroom.  Everything matters to your cat.   The type of litter used, how much is in the box, how often waste is removed, how many cats use it, is it too small, too tall, too public, etc.   All these things matter to your cat.  What should matter to you, is how accessible is it for you?  Do you keep your litter boxes tucked into a cramped closet or tucked under a laundry room shelf?  Are you stooping over in a contorted yoga pose to scoop?  Twisting into a pretzel with a 20 pound box of litter trying to add fresh litter?  People, people, have you forgotten those mandatory HR films about on the job back injuries?   As your professional pet sitter I clean lots of litter boxes each day.  I don’t know how some people do it.  Their litter boxes are a chiropractors dream.  I know that placing the litter boxes dead center in your living room is not an option, but please try to find a more human accessible place.  I guarantee your cat will be able to get to it unless you have password protected it.  If your litter box is wedged in between the washer and dryer, requiring a lubricant to extradite it for scooping, it seriously needs to be relocated.   There has to be a cat approved human friendly spot (or spots) in your home for kitty’s loo.  Your back and your pet sitter will love you for it!   And a note to pet sitters, if you cannot SAFELY get the pet care accomplished, let your client know.  Have them get the cat food down from the top shelf of the pantry, move the litter boxes out from under the sink and put the 5 gallon water jug onto the dispenser tower before their pet sit begins.

Carrie Seay

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