How to Prepare for Your Professional Pet Sitter

1) Let your pet sitter know of any changes BEFORE the service starts! If you have moved, changed phone numbers, locks or alarm codes, use a new veterinarian, pets on medications or changed doses or type of medications, changed foods or amounts fed or added new pets.
2) Make sure any medications are clearly marked for dose size, frequency and which pet is receiving the medication. If you have old medications DO NOT keep them with CURRENT medications your pets may be taking!
3) Have enough supplies of food, medications, litter, puppy pads, bottled water etc. If you are delayed or your pet sitter has to make a trip to the store to buy more supplies, be prepared to pay for the additional time spent and supplies purchased by your pet sitter.
4) Leave your pet sitter with contact information for how you can be reached, EVERY TIME you travel. Cell phones don’t always work every place you may be, email or phone number of the place you are staying can be a life saver in an emergency.
Your professional pet sitter strives to provide your pets with quality care and minimal stress. Please give your pet sitter the same consideration.

This tip was written by APPSA member Tawny Carlson, owner of The Animal Pro, LLC. Providing professional pet sitting in the north central Mesa, AZ area.

Carrie Seay

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