How to Find a Professional Pet Sitter

To find a professional pet sitter, try asking your friends, neighbors or veterinarian if they have a professional pet sitter to recommend.  You could do an internet search for a local area pet sitter, or go to a local website like or national website like,  or to find a qualified professional pet sitter.

A professional pet sitter is in the business of pet care. Your pets’ care and well-being are the priority.

Your professional pet sitter should be insured for all of their services.  This insurance covers your pets and home while they are in the care of your pet sitter.  A professional pet sitter WILL have this insurance.

Your professional pet sitter will come to your home BEFORE the service starts.  You will sign a contract dictating the terms of your job.  This includes specific directions for the care of your pets, accessing your home, keys, security systems, gate codes, when job starts and ends and the number of “visits” the pet sitter will make.  Also necessary is veterinary information, emergency contact information and identity of anyone else that may have access to your home while you are away. All of this is vital information for the proper care of your pets and home and the pet sitters’ safety.

A professional pet sitter should have a “back up” plan in case of emergencies.  If your pet sitter is unable to complete their service, they should have an alternate that can step in to complete your pets’ care.

A professional pet sitter should be able to provide you with references.   Don’t be shy about checking any references.  A professional pet sitter will not be offended if you check their references.

Using a professional pet sitter provides you with peace of mind, knowing that your pets are being cared for by a loving, dedicated, responsible professional.

Carrie Seay

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